Accounts: Asset promotion is free but accounts are created exclusively through an email request to ensure the legitimacy and currency of all asset listings.

Online submission: Extremely fast and simple online addition, removal and update of asset listings through features that include single-click updates/removals, drop-down menus for minimum typing and submission of spec-sheets and photographs.

Email submission: You can email your current availability in any format and even if you already have listings, the necessary changes will be taken care of. Furthermore, you can request a table with all your listed assets that you can update and simply email back. The table can be an Excel file or if you want to review and update it without having to open it as an attachment, it can be inserted as text in an email (very convenient if you are reading emails on a mobile device).

Normal listings: MyAirTrade provides the most targeted promotion of available assets through the listings in but also through highly targeted channels such as Updates emails, Partners' services, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Restricted listings: Owners, managers and mandated parties can, under very strict conditions, create "Restricted listings" that have no Serial Number and no contact details. This is a unique service that promotes available assets through MyAirTrade's extensive and highly targeted promotion infrastructure but without anyone knowing the identity of the listing company and the Serial Number of their available assets. Please click here for more information.

Companies promoting available assets through MyAirTrade receive a monthly reminder email to help them maintain their listings current.

In order to enhance the exposure of assets that will become available more than two months after they're listed, these assets are added for a second time to Updates emails when they become available.

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Aircraft listings in FleetIntel are NOT submitted as available to MyAirTrade, they are based exclusively on market research* and they MIGHT be, or soon become, available due to the following conditions:
  1. End of lease approaching based on publicly available information.
  2. Planned/considered for sublease by the operator.
  3. Planned/considered for sale by the owner (for operation or dismantling).

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*Aircraft ownership is provided by IBA

Submission and search of Parts and Capabilities, along with their integration in your platform, will always be free!
(revenue will come exclusively from unique and radical features that no other marketplace can offer)

  1. Legitimate listings because access is given exclusively by invitation to the following (strictly no intermediaries):
    • Aircraft Operators
    • Aircraft/Engine/Parts MROs
    • Aircraft/Engine/Parts Owners
  2. Current listings because companies are encouraged to upload regularly and listings are deleted soon after upload (90 days for Capabilities, 15 days for Parts and 48 hours for Wanted listings).
  3. Minimum effort for creating and maintaining listings, effort will become zero per Items 6 and 7 below.
    Unlike other marketplaces, all you have to do to promote your Parts and Capabilities through MyAirTrade is email them in any format and the needed formatting and uploading will be taken care of, from a single Part/Capability to hundreds of thousands (online submission by Users is of course also available). The same holds for existing listings because you receive an email when your listings are removed so all you have to do is reply to the email with your current Parts and Capabilities and they're uploaded or reply that the removed listings are still valid so they're re-uploaded.
  4. Wanted Parts and Capabilities: Unlike similar listings in other marketplaces, Wanted listings are extremely effective because to the following:
    • Legitimate requirements due to Item 1.
    • Current requirements due to Item 2.
    • Legitimate and Current requirements because each User is allowed only a single Wanted listing at any time and if they need a second listing, they have to delete their current listing and create a new one.
    • As soon as a Wanted listing is made, an email is sent to all exclusive Users with a link to review it.
  5. Unprecedented statistics accuracy due to Items 1, 2 and 4.
  6. Free integration of Parts and Capabilities search in your platform: Why pay thousands on subscription and integration fees to 3rd party services and be forced to use "yet another" platform? Simply search from your platform, create an RFQ from the search results and manage your order from your platform, for free.
  7. Free integration of Parts and Capabilities upload in your platform: Why visit to upload your Parts inventory and your Capabilities list? Simply do the upload from your platform or even setup an automated upload or real-time synchronisation from your platform, for free.
Have a look at how you can improve the sourcing and promotion of your Parts and Capabilities

Updates emails with the following content are sent Monday to Friday at 16:00 GMT:

  1. Available aircraft, engines and APUs listed in MyAirTrade during the previous 24 hours
  2. Aircraft listed in FleetIntel during the previous 24 hours

Updates is a free service and it takes just a few seconds to subscribe!