Online submission*: Extremely fast and simple online addition, removal and update of asset listings through features that include single-click updates/removals, drop-down menus for minimum typing and submission of spec-sheets and photographs.

email submission*: You can email your current availability in any format and even if you already have listings, the necessary changes will be taken care of. Furthermore, you can request a table with all your listed assets that you can update and simply email back. The table can be an Excel file or if you want to review and update it without having to open it as an attachment, it can be inserted as text in an email (very convenient if you are reading emails on a mobile device).

Normal listings: MyAirTrade provides the most targeted promotion of available assets through the listings in but also through highly targeted channels such as Updates emails, Partners' services, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Restricted listings: Owners, managers and mandated agents can create "Restricted listings" that have no Serial Number and contact details (interested companies contact you only via an anonymous online form). This is a unique service that ensures the entire market knows about your available assets but nobody knows their SN and who's marketing them since it is entirely up to you to which queries you reply (STRICT conditions apply, contact us for more information)

Companies promoting available assets through MyAirTrade receive a monthly reminder email to help them maintain their listings current.

In order to enhance the exposure of assets that will become available more than two months after they're listed, these assets are added for a second time to Updates emails when they become available.

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*It is highly recommended to do all submissions online since they are easier and have priority over email submissions
Aircraft listings in FleetIntel are based exclusively on market research* and they "likely" are, or will become, available due to the following conditions:
  1. End of lease approaching.
  2. Planned/considered for sublease by the operator.
  3. Planned/considered for sale by the owner (for operation or dismantling).

FleetIntel will soon provide statistics; the service is currently in beta in order to collect feedback from users and streamline all related processes.

View FleetIntel listings

*Aircraft ownership is provided by IBA
ACMIR lists aircraft that are required for ACMI and has the following unique features to ensure the accuracy of the listings:
  1. Access to ACMIR is free but allowed only to Operators*.
  2. Requirement listings are:
    1. Limited to a very small number per Operator
    2. Deleted four weeks after listing, or at their end date, whichever comes first (unless removed by the Operator)
  3. Operators can create Restricted** listings and receive offers through an anonymous online form

Login to ACMIR

*It is strictly forbidden for Operators to allow the use of their account by non-Operators and/or share ACMIR data with non-Operators. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of the Operator's account and, if required, the enforcement of further restrictions on the use of MyAirTrade. (contact us for more information)
**Restricted listings allow the listing of aircraft requirements without any contact details (contact us for more information)