Financial services
ADAVCO12345678Strategy & Tactics consulting as well as management services for the C-level aviation management, aircraft owners and investors; aircraft trading (general aviation & commercial aircraft) is the second focal point; focus on Africa, M. East and Asia markets
Air-Tec-2--567-Air-Tec has specialized in providing aviation financing solutions, aircraft management services and aviation related operating leases to its select niche of clients
Airstream International1-------Remarketing, Asset/lease management, company representation
AMBER International1-------Leveraged, Section 415 and "Pickle" leases; Securitisation; Sale/Leaseback; Aircraft Sales Support
Atlantic Bridge Aviation--3-----TBA
Automatic1-------Trading, financing, acquisitions
AviationBizD--3-----Arranger, Marketing, Manager, Consultant of Sale/Purchase- Leasebacks and financing for Commercial Regional aircraft
Barons Capital Partners--3-----TBA
Bayern LB--3-----TBA
Blue Star Aviation1-------TBA
BNP Paribas1-3---7-TBA
Boeing Capital Corporation12345678TBA
Burnham Sterling & Company1-------TBA
Capital Aviation--3-5-78Finance and operating leases, Sale and lease back, Structured finance
Capital Interfunding1-3-----TBA
Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation1-3---7-TBA
Textron Financial12345678TBA
Commerzbank Singapore--3---7-ECA-covered financing, supplementary commercial loans, JOLs, leverage leases, Asset-backed straight loans and customised facilities, multi-option facilities
Commonwealth Bank123---78TBA
Crabtree Capital1-3-----TBA
DBS China------7-TBA
Deucalion Aviation12345678TBA
Deutsche Leasing--3-----TBA
Erste Bank123---78Highly leveraged finance to lessors for the acquisition of used aircraft
Export-Import Bank12345678The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is the official export credit agency of the United States. We provide working capital guarantees (pre-export financing); export credit insurance; and loan guarantees and direct loans (buyer financing)
Export Development Canada12345678TBA
Fieldstone1-3-5-7-Structuring, syndication and managing of asset-based financings including debt and lease structures
Global Asset Finance Limited--3-----TBA
Goldman Sachs123---7-TBA
GreenRock Capital1-3---78TBA
Gruppo Finanziaria Internazionale--3-----TBA
Helaba1-3-----Direct loans, US Foreign Sales Corporation structures, Operating/German leases, EETCs, Offshore structures, Structured finance
HSBC--3---7-Aircraft financing, advisory services, asset expertise, arranger/principal in domestic and cross-border finance leases
Investec Bank----5---TBA
Kayan Aircraft Leasing1-3-----TBA
KfW IPEX-Bank1-3---7-TBA
KGAL Investment Management--3-----TBA
Larus Aviation1-3-567-Aviation specialist delivering arranger and financial advisory services, including 1. Sourcing PDP, loan, lease, capital markets, export and structured finance for airlines 2. Advice for re-fleet planning, lease/loan evaluation, aircraft purchase, financing and deliveries, corporate restructuring
Macquarie AirFinance1-3----8TBA
Marketing and Financial Services Inc.12345678Commercial and Corporate Jet aircraft leasing/financing world wide
MK Aviation1-------Trading/buying/selling of aircraft and engines, engine pooling
Natixis Transport Finance123-5678ECA-guaranteed export credits and asset-backed commercial loans, leveraged French, German, Japanese and US tax leases, Islamic financing, discount financing
Phoenix American1-------Securitisation, financial services, consulting
Apollo PK AirFinance12345678TBA
Seabury Group123---7-TBA
Structured Finance International1-------TBA
Skytech AIC--3--6--Aircraft management, marketing/remarketing
SkyWorks Capital1-3-----TBA
SMBC Aviation Capital12345678TBA
Standard Chartered1-3--67-TBA
Tailwind Capital123---7-TBA
The International Aviation Group--3-----TBA
VTB Leasing--34----TBA
Waha Capital----56--TBA
Wayzata Investement Partners1-------TBA
World Star Aviation1-------Remarketing, lease/records management

Activity: 1: North America
2: South/Central America
3: Europe
4: Russia/Ex-Soviet Republics
5: Africa
6: Middle East
7: Asia
8: Australia/N. Zealand