Improve your sourcing and promotion of Parts and Capabilities
The following three features are needed for a successful parts marketplace and two of them are structural elements of Parts and thus guaranteed:
  1. Legitimate listings - Buyers and Sellers are given access by invitation only
  2. Current listings - Listings are removed at fixed times after upload (Capabilities 90 days, Parts 15 days, Wanted 48 hours)
  3. Many listings - More than 1000 companies were invited at launch but Parts is very young and went live in the middle of pandemic (17 July 2020) so it faces a "chicken or the egg" problem; companies need to see a large number of listings to join but companies must first join in order to get a large number of listings... This is only a transient problem though, the exact same problem was succesfully overcome before and MyAirTrade became the best marketplace for aircraft, engines and APUs!
Parts will eventually get "Many listings" but you can help do it faster and greatly improve your sourcing and promotion of Parts and Capabilities. Simply ask friends and associates who work for companies that fulfil the below requirements to contact MyAirTrade and ask for an invitation (strictly no intermediaries):
  • Aircraft Operators
  • Aircraft/Engines/Parts MROs
  • Aircraft/Engines/Parts Owners

Parts and Capabilities stats (as of 04 March 2021)
  • Parts: +310,000
  • Parts Numbers: +29,200
  • Capabilities Part Numbers: +16,800
Companies with access to Parts and Capabilities
Aerospace Asset
Aerospace Engineering Group
Alaris Aerospace Systems
APOC Aviation
Aviation Fleet Support
Destini Avia Technique
FL Technics
Four Corners Aviation
Infinity Air
JALUX Americas
Juneyao Air
Kellstrom Aerospace
KG Aircraft Rotables
Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey
Mash Aerospace
MAX MRO Services
S7 Technics
Singapore Airlines
Skyline Aero Limited
Skyways Technics Americas
Triumph Group