Restricted listings
"Restricted listings" is a unique service that allows owners, managers and mandated parties to promote their available assets through MyAirTrade's extensive and highly targeted promotion infrastructure without anyone knowing their identity or the Serial Number of their available assets.

In order to ensure the validity of "Restricted listings", the submission process that applies to all other assets is followed. This means that both Serial Number and contact details are submitted to MyAirTrade (in STRICT confidence, NDA can also be signed if required) and the validity of the "Restricted listing" is checked and verified before it's created.

Listing companies of "Restricted listings" can only be contacted through an online form provided in the Contact cell and it is entirely up to the listing company to reply or not to the messages they receive (MyAirTrade has no involvement, of any kind, with these messages).

For more information on "Restricted listings" please send us an email